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Welcome to the magic natural world.

We are a professional leading manufacture of compressed towel series in a variety of specifications. Our products are mainly made of non-woven spun lace (such as compressed coin tissue, compressed face mask) and 100% cotton (such as compressed towels or magic towels, beach towel, advertising towel, t-shirt); 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and without alcohol. The products include coin tissue, facial mask, advertising towel, T-shirt, bath towel, beach towel, underwear and other compressed series (magic towels), compact tissue.

Compressed cotton towels(cut velvet towel or terry towel, 100% cotton), coin tissue(perforated spunlace non-woven, 100% viscose), advertising towel, T-shirt, bath towel, underwear and other compressed ranges use advanced fully-automated production equipment to produce and pack, after disinfection with high-temperature and high pressure and other stringent procedures and the new products made of. The products clean, soft, comfortable, water etc is to prevent cross-infection of the best choices of products. They can be compressed into some shapes such as round, global, ball, bottle, oval, heart, square, rectangle, credit card, Santa Claus, car, cell phone, or other shapes. They can spread into new fresh towels when being put into water for about 1-10 seconds, and are used and taken with you easily and conveniently.

Additionally, colorful printing can be made as per your favor and request either on towels or on package, which are novel designs and fashionable pattern. Therefore they are widely adopted in all kinds of fields and occasions such as advertising, promotional gifts, crafts, festival gifts, restaurant, travel, hotel necessaries, and souvenirs, and so on.

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•    Magic Coin Towel •    Magic Advertising Towel •    Magic Beach Towel
•    Magic Facial care Towel •    Magic Hotel supply Towel •    Magic T-shirt
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